No-Hassle Suggestions In Bing Rewards Clarified

Bing Rewards launched in 2010 as a means to incentivize using the Bing search engine. Certain, it appears a bit like Bing is approaching men and women to use their online search engine, but respect programs are very typical in other industries.

Consumers who have an interest in becoming Bing Rewards participants could do so entirely free of cost, and get going along with their system to view whether it is anything they might want proceeding.

Bing Rewards are traced with a credit report counter on your web browser ( Web Traveler 7 or later, or the latest variation of Firefox), which appears within the top correct corner of any web page you’re going to.

The first tier is ‘Member’ and is the entry-level for new participants. Participants get credit reports for making use of Bing for their online searches and for everyday deals.

When a Member finishes the Welcome to Rewards excursion, redeems their very first benefit and also has gathered a minimum of 200 credit reports, they go up to Silver amount. With the promotion, Bing Rewards Silver people get a 50 credit benefit.

With the Bing Rewards application, you can –

• Welcome buddies for additional credit reports from Facebook, Messenger, or Twitter applications

Welcome close friends to make use of Bing Rewards and also earn ONE HUNDRED credit ratings for every buddy which gets to gold condition (for a max of 500 credit reports).

utilize Bing for cellular queries and also make 1 credit history for every 2 searches, as much as a optimum of 10 credit reports every day.

Bing additionally provides unique incentives incentives as well as limited-time campaigns. whenever these are offered, you’ll view the announcement regarding the Bing Blog site

As soon as you have accumulated a certain number of levels, you could visit their particular Redemption Center and select a gift card from your decided on store, including, Starbucks, Game Quit, Groupon, and a lot more.

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What is Snapchat?

Through the app sends out more than 350 million pictures a day ( just Facebook), and just need to see the effect it has generated around the world (which are also offered in Spain and in Latin countries, although less As in Anglo-Saxon) since I started in September 2011.

How does it work?

At its base, Snapchat works similar to an immediate messaging app, permitting you to include contacts and send out messages through photos videos groups individually. The major difference is that you pick the time that the recipient can see the message (1-10 seconds) before it is destroyed.

This makes it harder for the user to capture a picture photo of the snapshot itself.

Why is it used?

Snapchat Online is maybe the quickest when taking a image with your phone and share app, so its benefits is that you can quickly share, ephemeral and imperfect, due to the fact that being temporal no such fixation with excellence yes it takes place in other devices like Instagram.

The main uses of Snapchat:

Pieces of daily life: Believe it not, Snapchat is mainly utilized to represent elements of daily life that are not pertinent adequate to stay anywhere permanently. And maybe we have to blame for this: Excuse me, I can take this photo for the 7th time?I choose the unusual hair.”

Ugly images: Not everything you do throughout the day belong in a museum, everybody is entitled to do nasty “things sometimes. That plate of food that has actually gone bad particularly you, a terrible sketch you did, a grain that has actually left you … These are things that provide us some modesty and never will publish in a public and irreversible network, however we did not mind sharing if we choose with whom and a short-term one.

Games: Snapchat is generating a great deal of uses stemmed from the device itself. From drawing competitors to change the pictionary. Obviously wonders Snapchat and a excellent dose of monotony are made.

Why peta?

It is very tough to close a list with the number of consider the success of Snapchat, but there are some trends that may be a hint:

Because your moms and dads are on Facebook: And honestly, a social media network in which your mom can participate in your state, does not stop molar. Young audiences will certainly constantly have the have to distinguish, reaffirmed and disclosed and this is good- and it is difficult to do so sharing area, practices and customs with their moms and dads and grandparents.

Personal privacy: It’s been a hard year for Internet privacy. Lots of we kept the illusion that the choices that Facebook personal privacy settings and other networks safeguarded us from prying eyes. Now, considering that the NSA, hackers and half of world governments access to your data every morning prior to breakfast, concern about privacy has actually become a very serious matter.

Successful Telegram, the Tor network, attempts by some governments to restrict control Internet use of its citizens are amongst the most important trends included by this phenomenon.

Fashion and Web

I am not defending Snapchat in itself, I think an intriguing app, but the truth is that I have virtually no contacts who utilize the app and I just sent/ received a few photos, and therefore have not managed to make the most, however I it is clear that youth rebellion and nonconformity are the perfect breeding ground for identifying new social trends and consumer culture, and therefore, we have to always be willing to learn new digital locals, and exactly what they have to state about their personal privacy, the toughness of their memories and the search for excellence we pursue online.

Friends, flirts and Contacts For The Kik Messenger Find

Almost every smartphone owner already knows the free apps, with which it is no longer necessary to write an SMS as can be sent from one phone to another via the so-called Messenger messages for free. The only requirement for this form of communication that both smartphone owners have the appropriate app installed on your smartphone for free chat. While WhatsApp is generally regarded as top dog in this sector, so it is now with the Kikmessenger a real serious competition, because this app provides some features that are not possible in WhatsApp.

The alternative – the kik for mac!

Developed by Kik Interactive Kik messenger the needs as well as the competition an existing Internet connection, so that the messages can be exchanged. The Kikmessenger does so by HTML 5 and will not work on iOS and Android Unlike the competition is Kik Interactive, however, to attachments within the message, but it allows its users to incorporate these videos and pictures in the respective message. These are downloaded Cards “allows users to integrate the respective contents directly in the message. With great success, because so far more than 30 million users have downloaded the app world.

Contrast to the strong competition in other points visible!

A major drawback for many WhatsApp users was that this communication with the respective opposite always their mobile number. display had. An anonymous chat was not possible, which was a great deal of uncertainty, especially for users wishing dating and sexting lovers. Although the composition and the visual impression of Kikmessengers was heavily inspired by the competition, this problem is not given here. Kik allows its users to give themselves nicknames and called to remain anonymous as long as the user popular. Even the contact here runs completely contrary to the great rival. While it is possible to look at the Kikmessenger to mobile numbers, but it must be once known for.

For those who are looking for security in their apps and new contacts, the Kikmessenger is the best alternative compared to WhatsApp. So it is with Internet acquaintances just surrendered enough his nickname at the Kikmessenger and the opposite can occur this way in contact, without obtaining too much information. The one who gave his opponent his Kikmessenger nickname may thus find out calmly to what it is at the opposite of a person before he decides how much personal information he reveals about himself!

Find new friends, flirts and Contacts for KIK

You are looking for new friends, flirts, contacts and have fun at the writing and exchange pictures? Then Leave Just in the comments KIK your username, your age and gender, as well as what you are looking for.

App Syncs Tabs Not Properly

Topic: Internet Explorer For Mac App Tabs not properly synchronized Hi folks, I have found that the synchronization of Internet Explorer between all Windows devices will not work properly with me. I ..

Hi people,

I have found that the synchronization of Internet Explorer between all Windows devices will not work properly with me. I have a Lumia 520, a Surface RT and a desktop computer with Windows 8.1

All devices can theoretically access the open tabs of any other device. The tabs of the Windows Phones and Surfaces are displayed correctly even if all devices (some delay), but the open tabs in my desktop computer are somehow wrong. There are any tabs appear that I’ve ever had no longer open and that did not change. Does anyone have any idea why this might be?


With the free Android app Snapchat pour pc you can send pictures and videos are damaged within ten seconds even. Also, text and video chats are possible.

In movies like “James Bond” or “Mission Impossible” they are ubiquitous: messages that self-destruct. With the free Android app Snapchat also you can send pictures and short videos to friends that are automatically deleted after no more than ten seconds. The photos can be sent also with text, drawings and filters spice. Moreover, it allows the app to their users to create photo-stories that are available for 24 hours. In contrast to the ordinary snapshots you can share with multiple friends at once. But that’s not all: As of version 5.0, users have the option of using their contacts to carry a text or video chat. You have to do is wipe to the right and select a friend. Already you can write to him and a picture or video to send.

The color of the buttons next to the input line you can see if your contact is online. If the button is blue, you can start with one single touch video chat. During your friend’s face occupies the entire display, your only appears in a chat-Head, which can be freely slide across the screen. Maneuver the chat-Head from the lower to the upper part of the window, the app automatically switches from front to rear camera. Once you exit the chat, the entire message history is cleared. Conclusions: The concept behind Snapchat is awesome. The app is ideal for image, video and text communication in real time. But one should not use too careless, because you can not be sure that on the app mailed photos will be deleted reliable. Notice: This application requires Android OS 2.2 or higher. About the download button you become a Google Play out, allowing you to install the software.

BBM is expected to hit PC and Android this weekend

The site, to whom we owe many leaks on Blackberry, managed to get the schedule of deployment of BBM for PC & Android. The Android version would make its appearance on Google Play on September 20 in the day. The application has already leaked but does not work on non-registered devices (read: BlackBerry Messenger for Android leak … but does not work ). Regarding the PC version, it would arrive on the App Store at midnight the same day. BlackBerry has invited the press to an event on Friday., So there is likely either to announce the release of its application on platforms competitors.

The daughter of Robin Williams stops social networks after shocking messages on the death of his father

Robin_WilliamsRobin Williams, was found dead Monday, August 11 after a suicide, and daughter Zelda, also an actress, had so far been heavy users of Twitter , Instagram, and other social networks . They were promoting their projects, conversed with their fans , were posting pictures of their public and private life, joked .
The day of the death of Robin Williams, fans of the actor immediately expressed their condolences and sadness on these online spaces, commenting, for example, the last picture posted on his Instagram account – which appear Wednesday August 13 27 000 reactions.

This momentum recalled, to some extent, the very large number of messages that followed the accidental death of actor Paul Walker . The side effects, however, are much more brutal for the family of Robin Williams. Zelda Williams, aged 25, was first posted on the same day several messages to express his sentence: one of the most visible was taken and posted on the Twitter citing The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery.

During the day, several accounts Twitter (since suspended) responded to these messages with pictures, described as extremely violent and inappropriate, starring Robin Williams’s body through image editing software.

Zelda Williams, who initially reported comments “negative” in a message on Tumblr , then posted on Chaturbate, a call for the aid to its subscribers: “I tremble. If you please, report these accounts. ”

Despite the rapid response teams of the network office to disable the accounts in question, Zelda then said it was withdrawing its application for smartphones and tablets, “for a while, or maybe forever.”

Zelda then proceeded to focus on his Instagram account , announcing that it would also stop the supply , explaining why she had posted there many pictures of her and her father faced criticism on the subject “Me judged on it’s cruel and unnecessary. (…) My favorite family photos are framed in my house, not on social networks. ”

If Zelda Williams had already responded in the past to “trolls” going after her, the context gives a present dramatically different to those hateful terrain. At the point where Twitter says reflect changes to its Terms of Use.

In the case of a celebrity like Robin Williams, part exceeds that of the private sphere. “On Twitter , grief is collective, “describes The New York Times , Listing the impressive figures of the number of messages related to Robin Williams on August 11 (63,000 tweets per minute after the announcement of his death) and the emotion it has caused all his fans who did not expect to death (explaining why he is the World infomation. fr most shared on Facebook since the site).

“Many celebrities have died unexpectedly or tragically in recent years to the point where we have become accustomed to this new ritual,” according to the New York Times. But the paper also discusses an effect “a little strange” to see this event become the number one topic of conversation – paving the way for all types of aberrations, potentially shocking in the case of Zelda Williams or sometimes lighter ( people who for example merged on Twitter Robin Williams with singer Robbie Williams).

In response to the turmoil of recent days, Slate is allowed give a series of instructions to avoid potentially problematic messages. “If you have nothing interesting to say about the death of someone, it is perfectly acceptable to say nothing, “advises the site.

For Robin Williams, the question was indeed asked after a tribute posted by the Academy Awards (“Genie, you’re free,” referring to a replica of the Walt Disney character that the actor had doubled ). American Association for Suicide Prevention regretted this formulation, shared more than 300,000 times, and could leave to think that action to end his life is liberation.

Real Racing 3 major update for Le Mans

362844-playstation-3-real-racing-3A big update to Real Racing 3 is available on the AppStore, with a program of new cars: the “Le Mans Prototypes” for frantic races on the classic circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Here are the details of the changes:
Le Mans Prototypes New Generation – Porsche 919 Hybrid, Audi R18 e-tron Quattro, Toyota TS040 Hybrid.

Campaign for a Le Mans Epic – Go for the win in this unique set of challenges and goals.

Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans – Run on the circuit endurance most prominent race in the world, seeing the sun set and night to settle.

Evening Game – Connect Bluetooth controllers and race with up to 4 friends on a multiplayer split screen locally, ideal for big screen!

Competition against the clock Porsche – Porsche 919 Hybrid Drive your to win a trip in a Porsche Sport Driving School!

Multiplayer improvements in real time – Penalties for carved turns, best calculations of results, time management improved latency and more!

We can not say Electronic Arts is stingy update. Since its release the game has received many improvements and new features! Although based on a freemium model, the user is not forced to go through the in-app purchases to progress and that’s nice.


This update is also available to download for free by using the Real Racing 3 Hack For Android & iOS. The hack also boasts some very nice features to help you win.

Is FaceTime free?

facetime_heroFaceTime is a video calling app, which is basically free. The tool, but you can only use on Apple smartphones, tablets and computers. Download need for nothing: on all Apple devices, the app is already installed. Below we show you whether and what costs may be incurred thereby.

Tip: Just released: Facetime For PC – Windows

Video calling with FaceTime on Mac, iPad and iPhone

Take advantage of FaceTime, which is basically free. However, you must always have an active Internet connection – be it over Wi-Fi or mobile data network.
Have no flat rate for mobile data and exceed your data limit, so can incur costs. Just ask your provider about the type of contract you have reason. You should be careful, especially abroad.
On the iPhone may incur costs when you activate FaceTime. Before you can use the app for the first time, an SMS is sent to a UK phone number in order to test the connection to the server. Find out how much a best SMS costs from your network operator about abroad.

With iOS 8 Apple also has FaceTime drilled vigorously. What features are waiting for you, we show you in our video.

Chinese Messenger: WeChat deletes more than 20 million accounts

As part of a government campaign against pornography and rumors has deleted a large number of user accounts China’s largest messenger service WeChat and also emulated PC version (available here: WeChat For PC – Free Windows Download). Since the beginning of 20 million accounts had been removed to prostitution because of connections, a company spokesman said on Tuesday. In addition, the action “thunderclap” 30,000 fake public accounts fell victim.

The Chinese WhatsApp alternative is part of the company Tencent and has self-reported nearly 400 million active users . In China, the app under the name is Weixin offered, it is there, the most popular chat program. With the service, users can rate each other free text and send voice messages, discuss in groups and chat via video telephony . Tencent advertises its services with stars such as the Argentine football player Lionel Messi.
Last year, Chinese authorities had a campaign against the spreading of rumors started when Chinese Twitter-clone Weibo. Hundreds of bloggers were arrested. Then many Weibo users had switched to WeChat.

But WeChat had already deal with censorship accusations repeatedly . In March media reported that Chinese authorities had prompted the company to block the accounts of about 40 users. Among the blocked users mainly Chinese journalists and activists to have been that use the Messenger to share opinion pieces on political and economic issues.

The Internet company Tencent defended himself against the accusation that time to have the user has been blocked for political reasons. From the company claimed that it wanted to prevent the transmission of pornography, rumors and violence. These “check and we constantly measure notable cases of spam, violent, pornographic and illegal content,” said a spokesman.

End of May, including “Time Online” reported that China’s censorship authorities to step up efforts to smartphone apps.