Data protection provisions

Thank you for reading the time to read these important information that affects your rights and explain our terms and conditions regarding your personal information and show how this from us under onlineCasinosusa.Net to be used.

To clarify, the formulations "we", "our" and "us" refers to online When you read and continue, you agree with the conditions described and choose self-elected for Casino Boni Index.COM services and our entire page.

1. Definitions

In this article, we refer to any reader as "users", "users" or "members", "Followers" or "Player". If we talk about "personal information", it's about the information about the identities mentioned above. The term "public space" describes the entire website

2. Information we collect through our services:

In the entire public space we collect important details of users who determine areas of online Casinosusa.want to use net. This processing of information works in two ways.

  • 2.1. Using user information for a better experience and our own services on online improve net. This passes through tracking movements on the web page to create a profile that meets the user's interests.
  • 2.2. The request from personal information and data, which can indicate the e-mail address, for example, such as full name, age, residential address, mobile number, or any other contact number. Through the digression of those who are ready to provide this. Sometimes this is necessary for legal provisions, Z.B. Confirm the legal age for the online Casinosusa.want to use net.
  • 2.3. Automatic data collection on online comes directly from the user IP address, which includes cookie information with the information which pages of visitors has previously visited priority while and after their visit to online We will access to monitored times, data and access to the IP address used for our services. We can use this then to interact with the customer by e-mailing or instant messaging to help the experience what can be done on all our sites for all users.
  • 2.4. Authorized Services Collect information that the user voluntarily shares, for example, give details for receiving a newsletter. Such services from online Casinosusa.Net will be provided, these will sort what the photographic ID, e-mail address, gender, date of birth and complete name, as well as the e-mail address under which the user is registered, the user involves. When using authorized services, all users allow you to store these details for other uses to improve services and if necessary to pass on to third parties should be legally necessary.

3. How to use the information collected

OnlineCasinosusa.NET will collect various information parts during the visit of one or more users and what follows are examples like this information is invaluable, as our companies validates services for its members.

  • 3.1. Operational services

    The information obtained can support and improve this service to the operation and maintenance of the services offered. It assists with all the requests of the user and helps with comments, questions and recommendations, to the onlineCasinosusa.NET offered experience.

  • 3.2 service improvements

    The associated information is used to understand and analyze trends of our own services for which our customers decide. This leads to new products, better experiences, service functions and updating functions that are less well known.

  • 3.3 communications

    Collected data can allow us to communicate with the user for administrative purposes.

    (a) Customer service areas, including the need to tackle infringement of rights, violations or complaints

    (b) keep users up to date with regard to promotions and exclusive offers,

    For those of OnlineCasinosusa.NET offered products. From us as well as other third.

    These are proposals that the member can read under "your rights" (paragraph 5) where they are continuing.

  • 3.4 tracking and cookie technology

    Information can be automatically collected via cookies and technology to help with the following:

    a) personalized maintenance, for example, no personal data for access to services must be entered again.

    b) tailored advertising, content and adapted information.

    c) Marking for third parties and surveillance services from online

    d) tracking entries and transfers, logging of status and use of promotions.

  • 3.5 analyzes

We use additional Google Analyzes to get traffic on our website onlineCasinosusa.Net to measure and then evaluate. We have no belonging to Google's service and are an independent unit for our services. The reports work in both directions, as Google can access the analysis to see the activities of our website.

In this process, we are very important to protect the information collected by our users. Information is exchanged in cases of solution technical problems, but shared information can not be identifiable.

4. Disclosure of information

This is the disclosure of information to which the user has agreed to us in the following cases:

  • 4.1 unrestricted information

    These are voluntary information that the user in the public area of online Casinosusa.left net website, such as z. B. News in a comment area, on the other users as well as we can access service providers

    Our website is inevitably processed by third parties working on the website, maintenance, hosting, development and other service areas. You have access to information and personal data, whereby the information about the service providers are limited to the areas in which it is reasonably necessary to meet your tasks. They are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of such information in order to continue to secure the user data. Unidentifiable information

    Automatically collected information is passed on to third parties to help in the following areas. a) Fulfillment of reporting (b) marketing purposes. (c) the connection of user habits with usage patterns, content, functional availability and services used.

  • 4.2 Legal processes and their subordination

    We will disclose personal information where it is necessary, provided that the law is allowed or it is necessary to comply with judicial dispositions, to follow precharge, arrest commutures or court practices. We will work with law enforcement agencies and other government agencies in this area of legal rights. This includes the following:

    (a) Provision for liability.

    (b) protect us from fraudulent, unlawful and abusive activity. Defense of demands and allegations of third parties.

    Security for our service and their provision.

    (e) the protection of our ownership, legal rights, enforcement of our contracts, the protection of our rights, as we protect the safety of other.

  • 4.3 change of property

If our services change the owner, by acquiring or through a merger, then the personal data will be accessible to one or more third parties. The new owners must still oblige a privacy policy to maintain their rights.

The data can be passed physically or electronically to the acquirer. The acquisition can also be carried out by bankruptcy, sale of assets or a possible bankruptcy.

5. Your rights

  • 5.1 We secure your rights and provide you with access at a reasonable level throughout the usage time of our services. You can request this information and allow it to change or delete. The request can be made via our 'How to contact us' page. You may not want to pass on specific personal information, which in turn could affect some of the services we could do otherwise.

    You can contradict the processing of your personal data at any time, unless this is a legal question. You can attach any complaint you should have if you assume that the matter has violated your legal rights. Please contact the privacy office to process your case.

  • 5.2 analytical information

    You can use the use of the opt-out functions from the Google Analytics choose.

  • 5. 3 Suspend the commercial communication

You can unsubscribe at any time from commercial e-mails, the instructions can be found in the e-mail itself or you can contact us directly to edit your request. The deletion can take up to 10 working days. However, if you end commercial communication, you can still receive e-mails regarding our services directly through the site.

6. Services of third-party providers

This service process could contain links or functions to linked websites and services provided by third parties. We are not responsible for information that you provide third-party third-party websites or services. We are not liable for your actions, even if the site or service is provided by us. We recommend informing you about the handling of the guidelines before they communicate and share the necessary information to you.

7. Privacy plate

OnlineCasinosusa.Net corresponds to the EU GDPR, the general data protection ordinance, in relation to the use and storage of all personal data and information. If there is a conflict of interest in the GDPR, the GDPR must regulate the inspection process.

8th. Cookies of third-party providers

Cookie features in OnlineCasinosusa.Net can be used

  • Essential cookies - You can use these cookies to access our website and navigate on this. You can use our functions for accessing security without which you can not be identified as a user.
  • Performance - The collection of information should help us understand how a user uses the website, and can help to learn how the website works. Normally it should not happen that you receive an error message in a frequently used service.
  • Function Cookies - Storage of login data and memory to the previous settings. These include the username, the language and the region / country where they are. These cookies ensure the specific adaptation of the website and can even remember the font size or make changes if this has been changed.
  • Habitual cookies - these help in the orientation and adaptation of advertising and bring them more relevant and personal interests when they have them.

9. Privacy minors and children

We offer or support no service for children under 18 years. It is our policy not to make our service accessible to minors, and we do not collect personal data from children under the age of 18, unless the approval of the parents is available and a legal matter should occur. If you are under the statutory minimum age, we ask you to set all the activities from our service and our website. If you are a parent or guardian, you can let us know about such a suspicion via the "contact" page and that automatically collected information. The service is also not intended for the use of minors and if this activity has taken place, we and the user can delete all content that you may have submitted. We point out that the complete removal of content and information is not guaranteed and thus a 100% data removal can not be guaranteed.

10. Data security

With the help of the recognized industrial standards, we consider ourselves the rules to protect the information that will be sent to us directly. We adhere to administrative and technical standards and, of course, a physical protective measure to protect the recorded data from accidental or unlawful loss. In our procession, no data may be destroyed, changed, opened or disclosed by any unlawful procedures. We have software that supports SSL technology to encrypt data while transferring the Internet.

Although all measures are taken, we can not guarantee a hundred percent security so that any information provided to us will be made at its own risk of the user. We will contact you with any infringement against the safety of your personal data directly, as well as the competent authorities dealing with the matter in accordance with applicable law. If you think that a violation has taken place without our knowledge, please contact us via the 'contact' side.

11. Data storage

Data retention is only operated for a limited period of time and as long as necessary, that we achieve all goals according to their original purpose or requires the data and information for legal matters. We will adopt all the information used for such litigation in accordance with our own legal obligations in order to enclose disputes and enforce agreements that are:

12. settings

You fully have the right to adapt or change the privacy settings, but you have to be aware that no security measure is impenetrable. We can not be held liable for a violation that could jeopardize the security measures of our website and our service.

13. Data transfer

The third, resident in the E.U., which can be supplied through our services data, may not have the same level of security and therefore we can not be held responsible for external framework conditions. We transfer data, as mentioned, with the best possible security measures, but can not guarantee full security.

14.Data Controller and Data Processor

OnlineCasinosusa.NET is the data manager in view of how the GDPR is classified in accordance with Regulation 2016/679. This means that all user data containing personal data from onlineCasinosusa.Net to be controlled, whereupon is determined how this information is used for what purpose.

With exceptions, OnlinCasinosusa has.Net no power on how third parties deal with such personal data or how they are stored. can have subcontractors who the data on behalf of onlineCasinosusa.Net in conjunction with the service can use the onlineCasinosusa.Net offers its users.

15.Changes and updates to these guidelines

During our time and service, the policy may need to be changed and updated so that it is consistent with the laws and our practices as a server. We recommend that you look at this page to find out about the latest changes in directives and keep you up to date on our services and your rights. The continuation of our service by you, the user, means that they have actually read this directive, understood, and everything that is indicated in this current version.

16. How to contact us

If you have questions, concerns or interest in our policies, please contact us through our direct messenger, who is here.

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