Movie Recommendation: 21 card counts in action


Because of a certain pandemic, unfortunately, many people are currently forced to stay almost around the clock within their own four walls. There comes boredom! For this reason, we will give you one of our favorite movies this week on the topic Casino Prior: The action-packed strip "21" based on a true story - and is about nothing more than successful card counting in blackjack!

Card Counts like Edward O. Thorp

The strategy of card counting today has a legendary reputation and is well known beyond the boundaries of the blackjack playing community. But that was not always like that. The American Mathematics Professor Edward O. Thorp is considered to be an inventor or father of card counting, because he developed the first person a system that actually worked. Speak: With the help of which you could gather in blackjack a weighty advantage in which you reduced the house advantage of the casino to an absolute minimum. After Thorp had tested his method even extensively, a lot of money won and also received by some applied playshots operators, he wrote that Famous Blackjack Book: Beat the dealer. In it he explained his strategy detailed and soon it was hurrying to the blackjack tables of card counters, which were actually very successful with the method.

True story: this with blackjack team

Also one Group of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, interested in Thorps book, blackjack, card counting and the probability calculation that is behind. They shaped a team, practiced hours and moved between 1979 and 1993 most successfully through the US casinos and stroked legendary profit sums. As they worked in the team, but in the arcade as if they were unable to know, the gambling operators could never put the whole group at once out of battles. If a member was caught and got house ban, took another, already trained member of his place. In this way, the original group and the successors of the original team on a hair-raising spectacular manner was successful. What a material for a movie!

"They shaped a team, practiced hours and moved between 1979 and 1993 mostly through the US casinos and stroked legendary profit sums. "

Action (without spoiler!)

How good is it to hear that from this true story really a great feature film was made. This means that suitable "21" - twenty-one, the magical number with blackjack - and came to the cinemas in 2008. The main character is the gifted student Ben from the with Blowing secret student group studying card counting together and dusting high gains on the weekend in Las Vegas through teamwork. This group is under the direction of Ben's Professor MR. pink. Adventure and tension is preprogrammed: the Exciting life in Las Vegas, the sudden wealth and a balancing romance Between Ben and TeamKollegin Jill are just the beginning. Which one loses the head slightly, is preprogrammed, and soon the splitting team is Also in the hunting visor of a professional security officer of the casinos, Of course, feel as victims of fraud and trickery.

So, and who now wants to know what a drama unfolds in detail and whether and how Ben can pull out of the sling, he has to look at the movie already!

What was from the real with team?

Too bad that the real with team could not continue to be a living legend card count. Why the end came? On the one hand were from a certain point All central members of the team known in the staff of the various casinos And it was getting harder to replace them through new, unknown faces, because every new person had to be trained, be absolutely trustworthy and Of course, be paid accordingly. In addition, technical progress gave the game halls advantages: Cameras and facial recognition as well as anti-card count tricks like the cutting card were continued to be widespread. The effort and danger of being discovered, were finally too high, and one lost the desire to the profitable, but also strenuous project.


Why we recommend the movie

Well, that's obviously obvious: We are here all fans of Casino play and of course also dreamed of themselves to decommission themselves by card counting and cleverness in the blackjack so correctly. A dramatic, exciting, funny and well staged movie about exactly this topic? Of course we do not say no.

But also by card counting, we find that 21 is a seeing strip. The film also generally gets Critical good reviews and the actors do whole work, as well as the director. And stories based on true events have their very special charm anyway. And since we are currently sitting all at home anyway, Hauskino officially has high season! Why then do not look really good, which also has to do with the hobby gamble?