New Netent Slot: Ocean's Treasure

Ocean's Treasure Gameplay

As a child always the wonderfully evil octopus-witch Ursula from "Arielle, the Mermaid" celebrated? Or rather a fan of Davy Jones, the tragic tentacle tyrant from the curse of the Caribbean? Then you get out of the brand new slot Ocean's Treasure from Netent to your expense!

Topic, Graphics and Sound: Immerse word literally

Fresh on the 24. February brought Netent full of proudly his latest slot machines on the market, and in a few Online casinos You can already play the novelty with name Ocean's Treasure. As the name reveals, this slot takes the player thematically into an adventurous underwater world. There are mysterious green tones before, and around the rollers you can watch overgrowed statues, sea horses and small fish swarms. When turning "Blubbern" the rollers - quite as if you were really under water.

The music itself is dramatic and makes it clear that this is not a paradise underwater world like the coral reef finds Nemo. Here lurking dangers and challenges that are to be mastered! How to expect is this danger symbolized by the huge, dark-eye-catching octopus, which sometimes lose over the rolls with stinging yellow eyes. He should prefer to keep his tentacles for themselves!

Technical key data: What is the RTP?

But now to all the technical key data, which are at least as important to a player as well as a successful motto and a matching design. The slot has 5 rolls and 15 paylines and an RTP of 95.99%, When you think: Oh, that's almost 96%! Anyway, the distribution rate should satisfy the players, and nothing else is expected in RTP of new Netent creations.

"In this way you can collect up to 102 free spells when luck holds!"

As far as the amount is concerned, you can Already with a minimum insert of 15 cents, but also with legend and write 300 euros per spin can go to the full. Anyone who is seriously considering that should be interested in how high the volatility of Ocean's Treasure is classified: medium.

What does something mean? Symbols

Of course, the symbols fit thematically into the world of the octopus: one Gemstone clump is the most worth, followed by a secret card in a glass bottle, a compass, an ornamental key and the seagobe overgrowed letter A, K, Q and J.

Wild symbols are popular with players and slot programmers as they work like Joker and can replace any other symbol if necessary. There are two types of wild symbols in Ocean's Treasure: a stacked game in the form of a military underwater mermaid and a normal game symbolized by a golden trascal, as he probably has to be one sea god.

A treasure chest full of valuable crown jewels acts as a scatter symbol, which is key to activate the free spill function.

If it becomes exciting: functions

Big Win?

If at least three scatter symbols appear on the rolling in a spin, you have activated a bonus function and gained 10 free plays. If during this 10 free spells of one or more wild symbols appear, there are two extra free game rounds. In this way you can collect up to 102 free spells when a luck holds! In addition, a multiplier is used during the free-play rounds, which promises properly good profits. The free play round is what you want at Ocean`s Treasure to get to the really big underwater treasures.

Unfortunately there is no jackpot - a pity, you could have guessed that this octopus sits on something very valuable (HM, a "treasure"). But even so we are very satisfied with the slot, which is very wonderful to relax in the bubbling sounds a bit to relax - until the next free play round comes!

For high scooters, Ocean`s Treasure is also suitable because of the high application limit. And the more you put, the more you finally wins - therefore the Treasure of the ocean may not get in so on!