Bank transfers casino: A tried and tested method

Nowadays, when you send a traditional bank transfer to other Payment methods preferred over, so you are quickly seen as old-fashioned. This method is still one of the most used payment methods worldwide and there is a good reason for that. So you can send funds directly to any individual or organization. Prerequisite is, of course, that you are in possession of the exact account information. With us you get some bank transfer information and more about payment methods. So you know which method to use to make deposits.

These are the casinos where you can pay by bank transfer

jackpot&# 8203; City
$ 1,600
Euro Palace
$ 600
7th&# 8203; melons
888 casino
$ 1500
Jackpots&# 8203;.ch
$ 2911
My&# 8203; Casino&# 8203;.ch
$ 300+ 200 free spins
Dublin&# 8203; Bet
$ 425
Lucky&# 8203; 31
$ 150
Yeti Casino
$ 777+ 100 free spins
Dream Vegas
$ 7,000+ 120 free spins
Casino&# 8203; 777&# 8203;.ch
$ 777+ $ 100 without deposit
Dunder Casino
$ 250+ 120 free spins
Shadow&# 8203; bet
$ 20
Cherry Casino
$ 400
$ 200+ 100 free spins
Royal Vegas
$ 1200
Ruby Fortune
$ 750
Gaming club
$ 350
Betway Casino
Leo&# 8203; Vegas
$ 2500+ 230 free spins
Royal Panda
$ 1000+ 10 free spins
Casino Room
$ 1000+ 100 free spins
Mr Green
$ 100+ 200 free spins
Net&# 8203; Bet Casino
$ 200+ 50 free spins
All slots
$ 1500
Come&# 8203; On casino
$ 200
Lad&# 8203; brokes
$ 500

The classic bank transfer is indispensable - even in the area of withdrawals

Although the world is full of credit cards, providers e-wallets and Co for deposits, there is still the classic bank transfer. Of course, it costs you a little more time with this payment method. You have to open the online banking, enter the data and confirm the transfer. Well, for depositing the classic bank transfer for private customers in the casino rather not recommended. Mainly because it takes longer for the funds to reach the casino account. However, the situation looks different the other way around. In terms of withdrawals, the player has no disadvantages. After All, The Online Casino Takes Over The Task.

Today, The Fast Bank Transfer Is Increasingly Lakes AS A Safe Withdrawal Method, Especially in The Online Business Sector. Although Many Customers Worldwide Already Use Other Methods Such As Neteller Or Skrill to Transfer Funds. But in The End Thesis Amount Have To Be Paid Out To Your Own Bank Account And That's Where The Good Old Bank Transfer Comes Into Play Again.

That is Why WE Recommend from the beginning. When You Withdraw The Real Money, Use Your Bank Account AS A Payment Method. Type in The Data and Do not Worry About Anything Else. Unless You Want To Have The Money On A Debit Card Anyway Or You Want To Continue Shopping Or Gambling On The Internet With It. Then e-wallets make sense. IF You Plan To Transfer The Money to Your Bank Account From The Very Starting, You do Not Necessarily Have to Choose Intermediate Step. Apart From The Fact That You Usually Pay Transfer Fees, The Transfer Takes Twice As Long in the End. Does it make sense? We are of the opinion, no! Use your own bank account and the money will be with you quickly and safely.

Processing time and convenience - how long do you have to wait??

The processing time of the bank transfer discourages many customers. They want to receive their funds immediately. If a casino now writes that transfers take up to a week, many become impatient. The good news, most of the time it is faster than you think anyway. Also with Paypal and Co it always says, it takes a few days. Most of the time the deposit is booked the next day.

Banking institutions have become very fast at this point. There you can really not complain. At least in terms of money withdrawal you should not think twice. With the bank transfer deposit the thing looks different. But even here there are practical alternatives, for example Sofort Banking. This is where your own cash account comes into play, but it doesn't take as long as the traditional way.

However, in contrast to other methods, such a transfer can take several business days. So the speed is in no case an advantage of this method, but rather its reliability. Also players in online casinos increasingly use this option. Thus, most players use other bank transfer methods such as the e-wallets or even credit cards to deposit the funds into the player's account, but then use the bank transfer to withdraw the winnings after all. However, as a player, you should definitely pay attention to the fact that online casinos often do not make these withdrawals on their own.

So as a player you are asked for data like your IBAN and your BIC number. Then you are told that a local bank, which is often not named, will complete the transaction. Often there are then much further down in the bank transfer fine print also notes that possible processing fees may be incurred. This Fact Shocks Many Players at First, But It Is So Understandable That Banks Will Always Batch Fees for Individual Transactions.

Fast SEPA Bank Transfer and the future - will the classic bank die out??

We believe that the classic bank will still be needed. Even if there are many alternatives, banks are banks. You should not park all your money on e-wallets, which can disappear at any time. We also find the many startup banks not quite kosher. Even if the old banking institutions partly have a bad reputation in terms of processing fees. You must not forget that you still get a service. At the latest when you want to deposit.000 at the supermarket checkout, one wishes for the old banking institutions back.

Since the Europe-wide standard of SEPA was introduced, it has also become even easier for consumers to send funds from A to B. Nevertheless, the question arises as to what kind of role normal bank transfers still have in today's world. The answer to this question can be found very quickly. SERVICES LIKE THE E-WALLETS AROUND PAYPAL OR NETELLER ARE NOT DIRECT BANKING INSTATIONS, BUT ONLY Accounts Where Funds Are Stored. Certainly many people today use these services to receive funds or pay for things.

Nevertheless, these services are not subject to the same regulations as a normal bank account and even if the e-wallets want to present it differently, the funds must come from a certain source. Most employers worldwide therefore do not pay out to an e-wallet, but always to a bank account. However, the question arises whether this method of payment will soon be a thing of the past. Since everything is only getting faster and is also supposed to be linked, many users often simply lack the patience for a normal bank transfer. However, if you are looking for a secure withdrawal method, the bank transfer is recommended in any case.

Do you get with the classic bank transfer a bonus in the online casino?

If you deposit your money by bank transfer to your casino account, you will get a bonus in any case. There Are Few Casinos That Refuse You If You Choose This Method. Neteller and Skrill are often excluded. But not the bank transfer. In any case, as a customer you should read the terms and conditions. This is obligatory and advisable, because there you will learn the bonus conditions. Only those who know the bonus rules, also know how to convert them in the end. Since there are sometimes tricky things to do here, you should make yourself clear.

In the casinos there is a welcome bonus in different forms. For example, bonus without deposit, free spins, deposit bonus and so on. All these bonus types must be cleared, because otherwise you will not get a payout. What do we mean? For example, the bonus amount must be wagered 20x. Someone who gets $ 200, in this case would have to play for $ 4000. Already the bonus is no longer as attractive as it seemed before.

Unfortunately, Many Customers Do Not Lake This, BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS BELIEVE THAT THE MONEY BELONGS TO THEM Immediately and You Can Pay It Out. This is not the case. Of course, the bonus must be released. Even free spins are not exempt from this. With those the profit is used. Ex: You win $ 20, then you have to play for $ 400. It is always the same scheme.

Many games are excluded from the bonus. These include the table games, but also live games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and Co. Mostly these apply only to 10% or 20%, if at all. For this reason, you should be careful and read the terms and conditions as mentioned in advance. Who absolutely wants to play roulette in the live casino with bonus, get free spins, which are valid in the live casino. In some casinos there are such. Rare, but still.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
Is accepted in many casinos No payout possible
Safe and reputable Money is booked only after a few days
Only one bank account needed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What alternatives are there to deposit in the online casino?

Those who want to transfer their real money from their own account to the casino account, it is best to use Giropay, Trustly or Sofort. Depending on the country, these payment methods are called a little differently. It is a kind of online banking intermediate solution. You access your own account, but the money is just transferred immediately. This also means that you can immediately get a bonus or free spins. For these methods, in any case, an online banking is necessary. With the normal current account card alone, it does not work.

Are fees charged for bank transfers in the casino?

This depends on the provider. There are different procedures. Some charge something, some do not. It is important to inform yourself in advance. Best read test reports or read the terms and conditions, the online casinos. At the latest in the cashier area must be noted if the deposit and withdrawal costs something.

Why are Neteller, Skrill and Co worthwhile, if the bank transfer works after all??

E-wallets are interesting for those players who want to leave the money on the Internet. For example, because they buy on another website or deposit the money at another casino. Also you can go shopping with the debit card linked to this account. If you generally use such wallets, you can also use them for withdrawals. Only, if you end up transferring to the bank account anyway, it makes more sense, they enter directly the account number.

The bank transfer is especially interested in withdrawals. For deposits you should have a look at the other alternatives: