Mastercard Online Casino: Discover the unique payment method

The symbol of the Payment method MasterCard, like VISA, is firmly linked to today's financial world. Every day these credit cards are used for the vast majority of transactions worldwide, although in recent years alternatives such as e-wallets have become more and more prominent. At the same time, the MasterCard itself is only a means that enables direct trade between A and B.

The individual banks give their customers the respective cards and must also answer for possible problems with the transactions. Not for nothing, therefore, the merchants always pay very close attention to the fact that in the MasterCard transactions everything goes exactly according to plan. If a dealer has too many bad transactions in a certain period of time, he can very quickly lose the license to issue these cards. Today award more than 25.000 banks and financial institutions award MasterCard.

These are the casinos where you can pay with MasterCard

jackpot&# 8203; City
$ 1,600
Euro Palace
$ 600
7th&# 8203; melons
888 casino
$ 1500
Jackpots&# 8203;.ch
$ 2911
My&# 8203; Casino&# 8203;.ch
$ 300+ 200 free spins
Dublin&# 8203; Bet
$ 425
Lucky&# 8203; 31
$ 150
Yeti Casino
$ 777+ 100 free spins
Dream Vegas
$ 7,000+ 120 free spins
Spin Casino
$ 1000
Casino&# 8203; 777&# 8203;.ch
$ 777+ $ 100 without deposit
Dunder Casino
$ 250+ 120 free spins
Shadow&# 8203; bet
$ 20
Spinit Casino
$ 1000+ 200 free spins
Lucky Nugget
$ 200
Cherry Casino
$ 400
$ 200+ 100 free spins
Royal Vegas
$ 1200
Ruby Fortune
$ 750
Gaming club
$ 350
Betway Casino
Leo&# 8203; Vegas
$ 2500+ 230 free spins
Royal Panda
$ 1000+ 10 free spins
Casino Room
$ 1000+ 100 free spins
Mr Green
$ 100+ 200 free spins
Net&# 8203; Bet Casino
$ 200+ 50 free spins
All slots
$ 1500
Come&# 8203; On casino
$ 200
Lad&# 8203; brokes
$ 500

MasterCard is known almost all over the world

There is hardly anyone who has never heard of Mastercard. Everyone has seen the logo somewhere. In the 80's there were often commercials on TV and also it hangs on every store. Credit cards were and are the epitome of freedom. You can store with it, check into a hotel and have money in case you need it in an emergency. Credit cards also make sense on the Internet. After all, many products can be ordered online using such payment methods. Although there are now many alternatives, such as Paypal and Co. But in some places credit cards are still in demand.

What about the security of Mastercard? Can you trust it?

Security is important to many people who use a credit card. It used to be much easier to steal credit card information. In the meantime there are more security aspects, which are also observed. On the Internet you need the extra code that is written on the back and when paying securely you must now enter the code. Just signing, as it is possible in the past, does not work in many places today. In addition, everything is done electronically. In the past, manual devices were used that copied the numbers. So misuse was also possible. Fortunately, this is now history

Like no other card, MasterCard is repeatedly the target of criminal elements. For example, banks employ thousands of people in the fight against fraud to prevent crimes such as money laundering. Nevertheless, the concern of many people is very well-founded, because if a MasterCard is stolen, almost anyone online can use this card for purchases. In addition, the MasterCard company is constantly struggling with lawsuits from merchants, and investigations by the EU antitrust agency also put MasterCard in a not very good light. It is understandable that such a large company is always in the headlines, since a certain size always brings advantages and disadvantages with it. One of the constant points of contention is the monopoly economy that MasterCard has built up over the years.

What are prepaid cards and what are they used for?

Prepaid cards are credit cards that can be used like credit cards wherever they are accepted. Since some people do not want a credit card or do not get from the bank, credit cards were more than overdue. Today, these are even used preferentially because less misuse is possible. You load money on the card and in the end you can pay with it. In addition to prepaid cards, there are debit cards. The difference is that debit cards are linked to an account and are more reminiscent of the classic credit card. Here, for example, hotels can also block a certain amount of money.

Especially in Germany, the Master Card brand is still only associated with credit cards. At the same time, the company has been working for a long time on a reorientation of the name. The so-called prepaid cards or debit cards play an important role here. So there are now countless providers who offer prepaid cards on a credit basis. This also includes the e-wallets of Neteller and Skrill.

So as a customer you can store your funds on the e-wallet account and get this prepaid Master Card sent to you on request. This is exactly where the criticism of many people comes in, because no matter where you look, there will always be a Master Card hiding behind it. But this fear is unfounded, because prepaid cards give especially people with less income the possibility to use different services, who only need to use a credit card for a special purpose and normally do not use it otherwise.

What about the reliability and speed of the Mastercard??

Security is important, no question. But customers also want to be able to rely on a credit card. If the card doesn't work when shopping in the supermarket and constantly goes on strike when shopping online, it's no fun at all. Aside from the fact that it's embarrassing if you can't make a payment. Mastercard works well and there are rarely complaints. Of course, there's always the possibility of functions going on strike. But on the whole, MasterCard can be trusted. Reliability and speed has always been the essence of MasterCard. If you can trust someone, it is definitely Mastercard.

The above two attributes best describe what MasterCard actually stands for. Also, a great many players in online casinos use this method every day to deposit funds into their player accounts. In our tests this was always very fast and flawless and that is a very important point. Many online casinos also offer the possibility to use the MasterCard both as a deposit and withdrawal method. Of course, it can take a little longer for payouts of winnings, since the various providers are legally obliged to check all transactions carefully.

Get customers who deposit in the online slots casino with MasterCard a bonus?

An important question that many online casino customers ask themselves. Do you get a bonus if you deposit with your Mastercard?? The good news, in most casinos customers receive all bonuses. There are hardly any restrictions here. Therefore, no one has to worry about it. Excluded are usually Neteller and Skrill. Who deposits with these two methods, usually gets no bonus.

Why this is so, we do not know. Perhaps gaming casinos have to pay so much for this payment option. The fact is, with the Mastercard, really no one has to worry. If it is not possible somewhere, this is in any case in the bonus conditions. This must read each player in advance. This ensures that one does not miss this important information guaranteed.

At this point we would simply like to say a few words about the online casino bonus or free spins. It is important that every bonus is played free. Who does not do this, unfortunately, gets no online casino payout. For example, if a bonus requirement of 20x applies and you get 100 $, you have to play for 2000 $. How high the respective requirements are, can read online casino players in the terms and conditions. This point is extremely important.

Really everyone must read and confirm the online casino terms and conditions. If you do not do this, you risk your bonus. Unfortunately, winnings will not be paid out in the end. Free spins must also be released. Here, as a rule, the profit is used. Yet another online casino terms and conditions rule that is important. With a no deposit bonus or online casino free spins, customers usually get only up to 100 $ transferred. The remaining balance is canceled. For this reason, you should always withdraw the money as soon as it has been released.

Live casino games such as roulette, poker, baccarat and Co are also excluded or. these are only partially credited. If, then to 10% or 20%. Who wants to gamble live casino games, should get a special live casino bonus. Such there are sometimes on offer. These are then fixed for roulette and Co. But even here it is important that you read the terms and conditions and everything around it in advance. Finally, no one wants to experience a disadvantage.

Attention, Mastercard possibly withdraws from Germany - how does it look in USA?

Nothing is confirmed yet, but Visa has already led the way. Customers in Germany will no longer be able to use Visa to make deposits or withdrawals at online casinos. It is assumed that it will also affect Master Card soon. Reason for this is because there are no German licenses. Since it is always a gray area, some companies are now pulling back. A few years ago it was Paypal. This is also the reason why players with Paypal can no longer deposit in the online casino.

It is a pity, but unfortunately necessary. Whether something will change again in the next few years, we can not say yet. Allegedly Germany will get new casino licenses. When The Time Comes, Everything wants BE REARRANGED AGAIN. In USA Mastercard is Still Active in Online Casinos in Any Case. Here's Should be no problem. IF There Are Changes There's Well, We Will of Course Report About It. AS Long as the Logo Appears in The Cashier Area, A Deposit Issible in Any Case.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
Is recognized worldwide No Longer Usable in Germany in The Casino
Serious Method No Payout Possible
Fast Deposit and Withdrawal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Alternative Are There, IF You Can No Longer Deposit With Mastercard in The Casino?

AS alternative, for example, Neteller or SKRILL IS OFFERED. Here You Can Load the Money in Advance And Then Transfer It to the Casino. Disadvantage, here there is no bonus. Tip: Credit Card Can Be Used to Buy Paysafecard Credit Online. This is the ideal way to get the bonus benefit and to deposit anonymously.

Is it possible to check in at the hotel with a prepaid Mastercard??

It should work everywhere by now, unless the hotel still has an offline device. Tip: Ask beforehand whether a prepaid card is accepted. Sometimes a certain amount is blocked. This should also be requested so that there is enough credit on the card.

Costs the Mastercard something per year?

There are different offers. Depending on the bank and offer, you pay an annual fee or not. Sometimes you get a free card and other times you pay per transaction. Best to compare the prices and choose one that fits.