Neteller casinos & Why The Payment Method Is So Popular

Neteller e-wallet in online casinos

Anyone Who Plays In Online Casinos Will Sooner Or Later Stumble Across The Name Neteller. This Payment service provider Company specializes in working with online gaming providers and we explain everything you need to know about Neteller in this detailed guide article!

We explain why Neteller is so well suited for online casinos

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What is Neteller? We clarify

Who does not know Net eller, the unique payment provider to make transactions on the Internet. For example, it can be used to make a deposit in the online casino. Also there is a Master Card, with which one can withdraw. If you use Neteller not only for depositing in the casino, you will definitely enjoy numerous advantages with this method. Whether you will make use of it or not, you will find out. Learn more about this payment method in the next few lines.

With the Internet came the online casinos, and with the online casinos came the problem that there were suddenly a lot of players who wanted to transfer their money quickly to companies abroad. And in the event of a win while playing slots or roulette, it should of course be possible to send the real money back to the winner's bank account just as quickly. For a long time, bank transfers and credit cards were the most common solutions that even skeptical gamblers could accept. However, The Long Waiting Times And Possible Fees For Foreign Transfers And / Or Currency Exchange For Players Outside The Euro Zone Were Annoying.

The payment service provider Paysafe Group with its subsidiary product Neteller was one of the pioneers on the way to faster and easier deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. Therefore, in the first years of Neteller, almost all users of the payment method were players or betting friends at various online casinos and online betting providers. Accordingly, it soon became almost an obligation for online gaming providers to accept Neteller as a payment method for players.

Neteller is a provider for online payments, more precisely an eWallet, a virtual wallet. This means that registered users can use their Neteller account to store funds for online transactions and make online purchases from there without having to disclose their bank details or anything like that. The popular German eWallet Paypal and also Skrill, also a product of the Paysafe Group, also have a comparable mode of operation.

What are the advantages for users who deposit with Neteller method??

Once the eWallet is loaded with funds, you can use it to pay for goods and services in now thousands of online stores, and easily with just a few clicks. This is the first advantage of Neteller: the method is widely used, has a good reputation and therefore most of the online stores from many countries accept Neteller as a means of payment.


The next big advantage, which is probably the most important feature of Neteller for many online casino players, is the speed of transactions. The payouts are so rapid that they are usually in one's account within 24 hours.

And you don't even have to pay anything for all these advantages, because maintaining an eWallet account with Net eller is just as free as paying with Net eller at a seller's or. Online casino.

Another benefit especially for casino gamblers is that some casinos offer special promotions when players deposit with Neteller. With this, the casino providers show that they have also had a good experience with Net eller and prefer to accept the method.

Security at Neteller

In addition, transactions with Net eller are considered extremely reputable. The entire Paysafe Group is based in England and is therefore regulated and supervised by the UK's financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). All real money deposited with Neteller is kept in escrow accounts and, of course, only the most advanced and secure encryption technologies are used to effectively protect payments and personal data from theft. In addition, you can pay with Neteller "under cover", so to speak, because the service provider or seller does not get any private or sensitive data of the buyer, such as account number or purchase behavior - they remain safe with Neteller.

Are there any disadvantages with Neteller? What are they?

So you see, the advantages of Neteller are so numerous and convincing that now you probably wonder why there are still people who don't use this payment method at all. The biggest (and some will say the only) disadvantage of Neteller is that there are fees to pay for some of its features. You can read more about this in the next section.

Apart from the fees, however, there are no significant disadvantages of Neteller. Certainly there is one or the other method that you can not yet use to deposit or withdraw money to or from the Neteller account, but these are then rather exotic, lesser-known providers. The most important ones are definitely compatible and the overall very advantageous use of Neteller is probably the reason why the method has been getting one good rating after another for years now.

No welcome bonus

Another disadvantage, which is unfortunately the case in many casinos. Who deposits with Net eller, gets in many cases no welcome bonus. This also applies to a no deposit bonus and free spins. Net eller and Skrill are not in a good light here when it comes to bonus offers. Those who absolutely want a bonus and free spins should look for another deposit method.

Tip: Pay for example with the Paysafecard and have the real money paid out later on Net eller. Since you can not transfer the real money back to the Paysafecard, this should not be a problem. If there is a bonus after all, pay attention to the bonus conditions. These are quite strict in some casinos and must be observed urgently.

For example, customers have to wager the bonus amount several times. This rule also applies to free spins and all other bonus types. If you receive 100 $ and a turnover requirement of 30x applies, you must unfortunately play for 3000 $. Only then is a withdrawal possible. If it is free spins, the profit is used. Example: You win $ 10, this x30 = $ 300.

Other bonus conditions apply. The bonus does not apply everywhere, make sure that the requirements are only met 100% for slot machines, etc. In advance, everyone should generally study the bonus conditions to learn what rules apply here. Once the conditions are clear, it should be no problem to clear the bonus.

Probably the most important rule regarding the Neteller bonus is whether the bonus is awarded at all. This information is usually directly with the bonus, so you do not have to look for a long time. Same game with Skrill. Unfortunately, this is a disadvantage that many users have to live with, as mentioned above.

What are the fees and limits at Neteller??

An important point are the fees and limits. Every customer should inform himself about this. Many people only see the advantages and do not know that they have to pay fees in the end. For this reason, we recommend that you read the following points carefully, and it is also advisable to study the fee table on the official Neteller homepage. There the figures are guaranteed to be up to date. In this article all information follows without guarantee.

In order to make an online casino deposit with Neteller, the e-wallet must first be loaded with funds, and for this Neteller usually charges 2.5% of the amount. Similarly, if you want to transfer funds out of the e-wallet and into another account. The amount of this withdrawal fee depends on the chosen withdrawal option.

These are much less numerous than the deposit options. If you want to transfer money from Net eller to a normal bank account, you will have to pay 10 USD, for example, or. the current equivalent value in euros. There are also fees for converting funds into other currencies, if the e-wallet is inactive for more than 12 months and if you want to use extra features, such as Neteller +, these are also linked to fees.

How does the deposit and withdrawal process work in the casino??

If you have never tried Net eller, but are thinking of using this payment method the next time you visit an online casino, you will certainly want to read a detailed guide on how to do so. That is why we will go into detail here on how to make deposits and withdrawals at an online casino provider with the help of Net eller.

Create a Neteller account

In order to make a deposit with Neteller, you first need to have a Neteller account, and of course the online casino you choose should accept Neteller as a method. Creating an account at Neteller is very simple and takes only a few minutes, in which you enter your e-mail address, name and so on. However, as always, you should make sure that personal data such as name, etc. is not disclosed. are correct, so that there are no unnecessary complications later on that could delay a withdrawal.

Once you have created an eWallet, you can choose from one of the many deposit methods that Neteller offers to load your eWallet with something. A comprehensive list is available on the Neteller website.


So, if you have an eWallet with enough funds on it, you can directly log into a favorite online casino, click on "deposit" there and choose from the offered payment service providers. However, you should always read the terms and conditions for deposits with Net eller of the online casino to find out whether there is a max deposit amount. If it is the first deposit, in most cases you can also claim a welcome bonus, but here are also conditions that should be read through beforehand. Once the deposit is confirmed, the funds are usually transferred from the account to the online casino immediately, so you can start playing without waiting for the welcome bonus.


The dream has come true: you have made a good profit on a few spins at your favorite slots or live roulette and now you want to withdraw the funds, preferably again with Net eller, because you already had such a good experience with the deposit. So you click on "Withdraw" or such a button at the online casino and choose Net eller as the method. If it is a large amount of money, it may be that you have to verify your account, but this is a common measure that only contributes to your own security.

Since Every Online Casino Has Different Processing Times for Withdrawals, It Can Take Different Amounts Of Time For The Money To Arrive. However, It Is Usually Not More Than A Few Days, BECAUSE FROM THE SIDE OF NET EVERNYTHING GOES Very Quickly. Therefore, in Some Cases, The Transaction is Completed in Less Than 24 Hours.

Customers Enjoy VIP Benefits at Neteller? IF Yes, Which Ones Are There?

Many Casino Users Would Like to Become a VIP. Did You Know, Not Only in The Online Casinos Themselves This is positive. The Various Payment Service Providers So Offer This. IF You Transfer A Lot, You Should Take A Look at Neteller's VIP Program. From A Certain Amount Per Year, You Enjoy Even More Benefits Than Standard Customers and Can Look Forward to Many Highlights. AS A VIP YOU FEEL BATTER WITH ALMOST ALL COMPANIES. Distress? Get to Know Neteller's VIP Program and Be Amazed Yourself.

Neteller also offers a VIP program. As a VIP customer at Neteller you can access some benefits that you don't have as a normal customer. For example, you can have Neteller accounts in multiple currencies without incurring the usual currency conversion fees. There is a customer service live chat only for VIPs, a dedicated VIP manager, discounted deposits and withdrawals, increased limits for ATM withdrawals and even faster transactions. There are different levels in the Neteller VIP program, so the benefits are a bit different depending on the level. However, one thing is clear: if you are a big user of Neteller and have large amounts of money to transfer back and forth, then a VIP membership with Neteller will certainly pay off.

How does the Neteller MasterCard work? What are the advantages of this card?

Nowadays many online stores and stores accept Master Card as payment. Not only the right credit card, debit cards are also in full swing. Such a card is offered to Net eller users when they create an account. If you want, you can have your Master Card sent to you for a small fee and use it to shop wherever Master Card is accepted. Whether online shopping, refueling or at the kiosk. The Card Can Be Used Almost Everywhere. IF You Want, You Can Withdraw Money From An Atm And Always Be Connected to Your Neteller Account

AS WE HAVE Already Mentioned, it is POSSIBLE TO HAVE A NET + Prepaid Card Sent to You. This is Essessilly A Credit Card Linked to the Neteller Account. Master Card Is, Like Visa, One Of The Most Widely Accepted Credit Cards in The World. This Means That You Can Pay With A Net + Card Everywhere Where Normal Credit Cards Can Be Used. This Makes Neteller Not Only A Mobile Phone Tool for Players in Online Casinos, But So Something for Everyday Use.

For A Small Fairy, You Can Get One Of The Traditional Plastic Credit Cards, Or You Can Alternatively Opt For A Virtual Version of the Net + Card. The first virtual card is free of charge and can be used to pay not only at online merchants that accept the Neteller e-wallet as a payment method, but also everywhere else where Master Card is allowed as an online payment method. And that is just about everywhere!

For whom is a Neteller account worthwhile? Should everyone apply for it?

Neteller is intended for those players who need Neteller for other purposes as well. We say it once in such a way, who uses Neteller only, in order to load thereby the casino account, will have little joy with it. The fees are simply too high for this fun alone. In this case there are better alternatives, which are cheaper. Who needs Neteller for other purposes, gets along with Neteller in any case well. As with all payment methods, one should always be clear about. Do I really need the account or is it another one where I park my money?

Many users already have 5 plastic cards and several free accounts. This can be your undoing at some point. If there are no transactions, fees will be charged. That's why you should get various accounts only if you really use them. Neteller is convenient for those people who like to store online and use Neteller. Respectively. the Mastercard, which is also included. Also, of course, the card can be used so for shopping.

You can use it to pay for tickets and the like. If you use Neteller only to withdraw money from your casino account, you will get off badly. The fees are quite high for this purpose when withdrawing to bank account. Here a direct bank debit makes more sense. It also takes about the same amount of time. With Neteller you would have to transfer the money from the casino to Neteller and from Neteller to the bank account. Why so unnecessary steps? If you want to withdraw the money from Neteller directly with your card or use it further online, the situation is of course different.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
Is accepted in many casinos Additional fees
Secure and reputable Mostly you do not get a casino bonus with it
Fast deposit and withdrawal
Neteller Mastercard

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How fast is the deposit at the online casino with Neteller??

IF You Already Have A Neteller Account And It Is Sufficiently Funded, The Money Can Be Transferred From The E-Wallet To The Online Casino Within a Few Seconds. Neteller What, After All, Founded Specificy for This Type of Deposit, Sun It's Not Surprising That No One Can Beat The Provider in Speed Here So Quickly.


The Withdrawal From The Online Casino To The Neteller Account Unfortunately Takes A Little Longer, BCause Here The Online Casinos Play A Role With their Processing Time. But Usually This Takes No More Than 24 Hours, Sometimes Even Less. However, IF It is a Larger Amount of Money, IT May Be That You Must First Be Verified.

Does Neteller Cost Me Anything?

Maintaining An Account With Neteller is Completely Free, As Is Making A Purchase With Neteller At Online Merchant Or Service Provider, Search AS On Online Casino. Fees are only charged when depositing or withdrawing money from the Neteller account, as well as for some other special features like the Net + card and currency conversions. It Is Best To Read The Details About This Directly On The Website Of Neteller.


Yes. Neteller Is Part Of The World Renowned Paysafe Group and Thus Registered AS to E-Money Institution. The UK-Based Company is Controlled and Regulated By the FCA, The Financial Regulator There. This is Why a Neteller Customer Usually Has a Good Experience.

Can i Use Neteller from My Cell Phone?

Yes. There is to Official Neteller App That You Can Download from the App Store or Google Play. Through This App You Can Not Only Complete Transactions, But Send in Documents to Have Your Account Verified That Way.

Can i Send Money to Another Neteller Account?

Yes, You Can Use Neteller Not Only To Pay Online, But So To Receive Money from Or Send Money to Fellow Neteller Users. To do this, use Neteller's Money Express Option and Simply Enter the Email Address of the Other Neteller Member Registered with Neteller. IF The Other Person Does Not Have A Neteller Account Yet, You Can Still Send Money, The Person Will Are Receive An Email from Neteller And Will Be Asked to Set Up To Ewallet To Receive The Money.

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