Online Casino Visa Card: Classic and good

While in other parts of the world, and especially the U.S., credit cards such as VISA are popular, this method is still far from popular in Germany. Many customers often have concerns about applicable fees and especially about credit card security. However, you can use your VISA credit card in almost every online casino in the world.

But the Thing Has Quite a Catch, so you can deposit funds in the gaming account in online casinos in just a few seconds, but when it comes to withdrawals, Things Turn Out A Bit More Difficult. Thus, many providers have not included the VISA card at all in the section of the Payment methods and if they do, the transactions are often limited to.

These are the casinos where you can pay with VISA

jackpot&# 8203; City
$ 1,600
Euro Palace
$ 600
7th&# 8203; melons
888 casino
$ 1500
Jackpots&# 8203;.ch
$ 2911
My&# 8203; Casino&# 8203;.ch
$ 300+ 200 free spins
Dublin&# 8203; Bet
$ 425
Lucky&# 8203; 31
$ 150
Yeti Casino
$ 777+ 100 free spins
Dream Vegas
$ 7,000+ 120 free spins
Spin Casino
$ 1000
Casino&# 8203; 777&# 8203;.ch
$ 777+ $ 100 without deposit
Dunder Casino
$ 250+ 120 free spins
Shadow&# 8203; bet
$ 20
Spinit Casino
$ 1000+ 200 free spins
Lucky Nugget
$ 200
Cherry Casino
$ 400
$ 200+ 100 free spins
Royal Vegas
$ 1200
Ruby Fortune
$ 750
Gaming club
$ 350
Betway Casino
Leo&# 8203; Vegas
$ 2500+ 230 free spins
Royal Panda
$ 1000+ 10 free spins
Casino Room
$ 1000+ 100 free spins
Mr Green
$ 100+ 200 free spins
Net&# 8203; Bet Casino
$ 200+ 50 free spins
All slots
$ 1500
Come&# 8203; On casino
$ 200
Lad&# 8203; brokes
$ 500

Speed vs security of the payment method - How does it look like?

There are two points that every customer wants to know in advance. How about the speed and security? The good news is that credit cards are definitely one of the most reputable payment methods and there is no need to worry about them. On the contrary, the security people are so behind it, they call partly already at one, if an online casino transaction was carried out abroad. There is also protection in case a credit card is lost. In terms of speed of deposits and withdrawals, there is also nothing to complain about. Credit card sums are available immediately.

In This Day and Age, Everything Has To Be Done Very Quickly, And That's Whore The Visa Card Really Comes Into Its Own. In all our tests, deposits were error-free and completed very quickly. Since one needs however for a payment only the data such as credit card number, expiration date and security number many users are always very divided opinion in relation to VISA. However, the company has upgraded massively in recent years in terms of customer protection. Today, VISA employs more than 7000 people worldwide, many of whom are responsible for the rapid detection of money laundering and credit card theft.

What are debit cards and what are they used for??

Until today, the company VISA is always associated with the credit card, but for some time now there is also an offer for debit cards. So these cards have the same functions as the normal credit card from VISA, but this works only on a credit basis. Of course, this credit card can also be used by players in online casinos for deposits and withdrawals.

One Should Not Confuse Debit Cards with Prepaid Cards. Prepaid cards are usually loaded in advance or are available as such cards in supermarkets. The Paysafecard is also a kind of prepaid card. With debit cards there is a whole account behind it. In other words, those who pay with the card access their bank account directly. Basically similar to the giro card, only that it runs via the Visa terminal and not, for example, via Maestro. Basically everything is kind of the same principle by now. Money is money and card is card.

From the payment alone you hardly notice a difference here. Credit cards have the purpose that you can block amounts, for example, or you have money in case of emergency. In the past, credit cards differed from bank cards in that the digits were embossed. Now everything is different and hard to tell apart. With a debit card you can pay almost everywhere where Visa is accepted. Except at some hotels and gas stations. Hotels Do Not Accept You Only Because They do Not Want to.

One is often looked at askance in better circles, if one does not come with a real money card, but with a debit card. Finally, a real credit card has a kind of top status symbol that should not be underestimated. Which does not mean that business people do not use debit cards. On the contrary, many prefer these already, because they are much safer. One has better control over the money.

Are fees in the online gambling casinos for the benefit demanded?

Who deposits in the online casino, must adhere to the respective operator. There are casinos that charge fees. Others do not want a cent. Therefore, this can not be generalized here. With some small contributions are required, where others a% share. The Visa card itself rarely costs anything unless the bank charges for it. For the transactions themselves, there are hardly any horrendous charges. As everywhere one must read and understand the AGB. In The Worst Case, The Bank Advisor Helps Further, Who Can So Advise One.

At the word fees shrill with many users the alarm bells. So many players are afraid of the sometimes horrendous fees of VISA. However, it must be clearly distinguished that these fees are only so high if you yourself as an online casino customer have no credit, but instead debited the Dispo. In recent years, however, there has been heated debate on this issue and in 2013, providers such as VISA had to reduce their fees permanently. In particular, fees were also affected, which were made abroad.

Criticism and other useful information about Visa

Is Visa really as safe as the advertising promises?? Are there sometimes failures or problems. In the next section we would like to discuss these things. Of course, Visa is not perfect either. There are always problems somewhere. In a financial company, not everything can always go right. The fact is, Visa is one of the best credit card companies, along with Mastercard. Millions of People Trust The Providers and Rightly So.

Like Other Financial Companies, Visa Came Under Criticism in December 2010. At That Time, Many Companies Blocked The Possibility to Donate to the Wikileaks Website. In The Course, Companies like PayPal and so Visa Were in Focus, But It Is Still Uncertain What Caused This Whole Misery. IT What Speculated Afterwards That They Wanted To Prevent The Website From Making Even More Releases And There Were Voices That The Companies Were Cooped Into Thesis Steps from Elsewhere.

Do you get a bonus in The Online Casino IF You Deposit With Visa?

This Question Is Asked Again and Again and Can Usually Be Answered Easily. Almost Every Online Casino Gives Out A Bonus, Even IF You Deposit With Visa. Excluded Are in Most Cases Only Neteller and Skrill. When Deposit In Online Casinos With Visa, You Now Do Not Have To Worry That You Will Not Be Approved for the Bonus. AS Always and Everywhere It Is Recommended to Read The Terms and Conditions in Advance. There it is noted when you get the online casino bonus and when not

Bonus or free spins, it does not matter, you have to clear them in any case. Whoever thinks that the 100 $ online casino welcome bonus can be cashed out immediately is very much mistaken. Each bonus must be converted several times. For example 20x. In this case, the player would have to play for $ 2000. The welcome bonus is now less attractive. But still usable. For online casino free spins, as always, the profit is used.

It is important to know, not every game applies to the bonus conditions. Live casino games are usually excluded. For example roulette, and blackjack. While you can usually play these games, they don't count towards the turnover requirement. If, only at 10% or 20%. Live casino bonus offers are excluded. They are sometimes given away, but not often. Who knows the rules of online casinos, makes hardly anything wrong. Therfore, We Recommend to Look for Online Casino Welcome Bonus That Suits One.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
Is recognized worldwide No payout possible
Serious method In Germany no longer usable in the casino
Fast deposit and withdrawal


The company VISA is rightly at the top of the payment providers and due to its increasingly wide range of offers, every user can benefit from a VISA card. Since so many transactions are also completed online and VISA is hard to beat in terms of speed, we recommend this payment method to every user worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it still possible to deposit with Visa in online casinos in USA??

Who wants to transfer his real money from his own account to the casino account, is best to use Giropay, Trustly or Sofort. Depending on the country, these payment methods are called a little differently. It is a kind of online banking intermediate solution. You Access Your Own Account, But the Money Is Just Transferred Immediately. This further means that you can immediately get a bonus or free spins. For these methods, in any case, online banking is necessary. With the normal checking account card alone, it does not work.

Can you use a Visa Debit card to check in at the hotel?

In this day and age, this should no longer be a problem. As I said, there are sometimes houses that absolutely insist on real cards. This is the case in Dubai or in 5 star hotels. It is best to ask in advance if a prepaid card is accepted. Note ferne that you need credit because the hotel will block a portion. Depending on the hotel, this can be several thousand euros. This is why most use a real credit card.

What alternatives can be used instead of the credit card?

If you want to deposit quickly and securely at the online casino, you could use the Paysafecard for example. This is similar to a credit card, only usable once. Say, the Online Casino Money is Once Loaded, The Card Is Empty. You can get Paysafecards at the kiosk, at the gas station, but also on the Internet.