Mega Moolah - All Facts and Best Casinos

Mega Moolah The Slot Machine

Among the slot Mega Moolah is a star. Microgaming Did A Great Job When They Decided to Develop This Slot. Even With A Small Bet You Can Achieve High Winnings Here.

Mega moolah
Producer Microgaming
RTP 88.12
Free spins Yes
Wild Yes
Bonus Round Yes
Number of Reels 5

What Symbols Can Be Found on the Mega Moolah Slot Reel??

The Top Slot Game Is Set in Africa, AccordingLy Many Animal Symbols Are Naturally Present, Which Provide For Happy Moments. Look forward to elephants, antelopes, zebras, water buffalos, giraffes and lions.

In the background you can hear African beat, which creates even more atmosphere. If you wanted to plan a safari vacation anyway, it's best to start this slot machine. Also ideal to get into a little vacation mood. Who knows, maybe you'll crack the million and you'll be able to spice up your vacation budget.

Is there a wild symbol in the Mega Moolah Slot?

Yes and this is played by the famous lion. This one acts as a wild joker and replaces all other images except the scatter symbol. That is, if you are missing exactly one picture to the jackpot and the lion appears, you can rejoice.

In addition, the lion acts as a multiplier in the slot game. If it comes to a cash win, this is multiplied x2. If five lions appear on the reel, they get 15 coins. With 4 jungle kings there are also 1.500 coins, but still less than the lion. So in The Free Spins The Wild Symbol Appears Again. There it also acts as a multiplier and provides again for mega wins.

Is there a bonus game and how are they triggered in the slot game?

Yes, bonus games are waiting in the slot game for gamers who want even more. These are triggered simply by the scatter symbol. The monkey takes over the scatter role and if at least three of them appear, 15 free spins are waiting for you.

In addition, the monkey regularly provides bonus payments on the winning reels. It is best to start with small bets, this way you will have high chances to win the bonus game and on top of that you will increase your chance to win the jackpot.

Crack the Mega Moolah jackpot

In many casinos Mega Moolah is the most popular and generally the best known game on the Internet and this is mainly due to the gigantic progressive jackpots that regularly pay out large sums to gamblers.

But Even Apart from the Jackpot, The Slot Is Really Entertaining and Has A Great Design. The Slot Has Been Around For 10 Years Now and It Can Be Played in Different Currencies and Countries. However, It Has Its Origin in Great Britain and Thus in British Pounds.

Mega Moolah AS A Progressive Jackpot

The Slot Consists of Five Reels, Three Rows and 25 Paylines in Animal Safari Setting. When You Trigger The Jackpot Wheel, A Wheel Literally Spins and You Exit The Base Game. The Maximum Bet Is 125 Coins, But of Course You Do not Necessarily Have To Bet That Much, You Can So Play With Smaller Bets and Win of Course!

It Is The Mega Moolah Jackpot That Excites Many Players. Who Would Have Thought It? When Playing Mega Moolah, Everyone Just Squints At The Chance To Start The Bonus R1 Round That Every Review Raves About. In The Bonus Round, There Are A Whole Four Progressive Jackpots To Crack, Which Are Represented By Different Symbols And One Of Which Is Always At Least One Million Euros And Sometimes Even Several Million Euros. However, IF You Want It, You Have To Fight Your Way Through The Wheel Of Fortune And Hope That The Needle Stops on the Right Symbol.

What is the Payout Ratio of the Hit at Online Casinos

The Odds Are Not The BEST AT 88.12%, But at Least There Are Slots That Fare Ess. But this fact is not so unusual, because Most Jackpot Machines HAVE Rather Bad Odds. This is due to the fact that with thesis slot machines Higher Sums Can Be Won.

The RTP Alone Does Not Matter Anyway. BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS A LONG-TERM CALCULATION. JUST BECAUSE IT IS SAID THAT E.G. 80% Fail A Test, It Does Not Mean That She Fail. It is similar with luck.

There is always a residual risk. IF You Believe In Your Luck, Think Positely And Play Regularly, You Will Definitely Increase Your Chances of Winning. The Machine Cannot Be Manipulated. Besides, about 88% is not so little. In The Land Casinos The Odds Are Partly AT 50% and There No One Complains Either. Stylish there are winners. AS Always, IT Depends on Where You Are At What Time. It Only Takes A FEW CENTS TO HIT THE JACKPOT PRIZE.

Become a millionaire with mega moolah

But the Mega Moolah Slot Has Already Made So Many Players Millionaires, so your chances of a decent payout are so good! So Far, 54 Big Wins Have Been Recorded With The Game And The Trend Is Increasing. The Biggest Win Ever is at Incredible 19 Million Euros at Grand Mondial Casino, And Even the Smallest Win of 1 Million Is Something to Be Proud of. On Average, The Provider Says That It Takes At Least 9 Weeks To Hit The Next Jackpot in The Game. Until Then, The Progressive Pot Fills Up With All The Depositals of the Various Customers and Waits to be emptied.

The Last Win WE Know Of What On January 30 This Year, When Canadian Won $ 20 Million at Zodiac Casino. Nevertheless, This Is Not Really A Record Win, BECAUSE After All The Jackpot What Won in Dollars and Not In Euros Or British Pounds. But still, with this jackpot the 20 million hurdle was overcome!

Of course, players in online casinos also have the best chances of cracking the Mega Moolah slot machine. This has also happened frequently, which is why the slot gets consistently good ratings in online casinos as well. Online casinos also often offer an advantageous bonus.

After winning a jackpot, many lucky players have decided to remain anonymous, nevertheless, based on the available data, it is possible to draw some conclusions. In total, 58 million euros have already been paid out to winners, which is an average of 3.25 million euros per win. However, eight players have won more than that and 10 less.

Interesting facts about the Mega Moolah winnings

So far, winners have come from eight different countries: Finland, Greece, Poland, the UK, Norway, Germany, New Zealand and Sweden. There Has Only Been One Winner from Outside Europe and the UK Has The Highest Number of Confirmed Jackpot Winners Than Any Other Country.

Other facts:

  • Already 2 players have won the slot's jackpot via cell phone
  • The smallest bet that was used to win was 35 cents
  • The biggest win in Mega Moolah history was won by John Orchard
  • All confirmed winnings were achieved in different casinos
  • Jackpots have never been won in January or June and most often in May (4) and December (3)
  • The period of 5 days between two jackpots is the shortest and the longest pause between two wins was between the 22nd and 22nd day of the year. April 2008 and the 11. May 2009 (i.e. a total of 384 days)

Mega Moolah Experience

Mega Moolah is an established slot machine. Already for years, customers at the online casino have appreciated the Mega Moolah odds and have been playing with enthusiasm ever since. The developer Microgaming is one of the most famous names in gaming circles and is offered by the best casinos. Why?

With the Microgaming Games You Can On The One Hand Skim Off Quite A Lot Of Money And On The Other Hand You Have Besides The Winnings Still Very Much Gaming Fun For Sure. The machine is also really nice. The symbols on the reels are simply wonderfully designed in this slot and result in an atmosphere that is really top, really exceptionally strong in character. The wild and scatter symbols are particularly attractive - a lion is the wild and a monkey is the scatter symbol.

Try Mega Moolah in these casinos

We have compiled a list of online casinos where you can play the slot machine:

On the pages of the various online casinos, you can usually also see how high the jackpot win currently stands for the individual games. Megamoolah is particularly popular thanks to the amounts already won and is usually listed as one of the first slots.

What should you look for when looking for a Mega Moolah casino?

Since it is a Progressive Slot, IT Does Not Really Matter in Which Online Casino You Gamble, BECAUSE The Games Are Linked Together. It all goes into one common pot. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to whether it is a reputable casino. You as a US gamble best in USA itself.

Since 2019, there are numerous online casino licenses in USA, so you can start gambling directly. Players from Germany should again play in Malta, because there are no direct German casinos. The last ones in Schleswig Holstein were closed because the licenses have now expired. Never mind, there are plenty of alternatives.

Wherever you sign up, make sure it is licensed. Furthermore, the website should be SSL-encrypted. The website should have privacy information and valid T&Cs. Safe is safe. After all, you want to receive your money at some point. Don't blow your real money by playing at a scam casino. Would be a shame.

Also, compare whether there are any bonus offers, how and when customer service is available and what deposit options are available. Some Require You to Pay a Fairy, Some Do not. So it all depends on you, what your preferences are and what is important to you. Security should be a top priority.

Play Mega Moolah at the best casino

Many fans are looking for Mega Moolah Free Spins with no deposit or a bonus, but we have to dash those dreams: Mega Moolah Free Spins are just a legend. The three Mega Moolah slots you will find in most casinos can only be played with real money. Will you take advantage of this jackpot slot even without free spins? We hope that you will bet on the payouts.

Mega Moolah is a slot that is tailored for people who want to win a jackpot. In the bonus round, you are guaranteed to get one of the 4 jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major or Mega. The selection of these is random and on top of that, the coin value you have to wager is really very low with only 1 coin. So you can wager smaller amounts over a long period of time instead of losing your deposit in just one spin. However, You Should Always Keep in Mind That The Moolah Slot Is Mant For Persistent Players. IF You AreaReady Know That You Prefer To Receive Regular Winnings, Then You Better Bet On Games Like Gonzo's Quest Or Southpark.

Can You Somehow Manipulate A Slot Machine, Like Mega Moolah?

Of Course Not, It Is A Game of Chance and Search Cannot Be Influenced. This Once Possible in The Land Casino. A Long, Long Time Ago, Whhen You Could Still Use Magnets. This Toold Not Be Possible Today, After All, The Casinos Are Monitored and In The Online Casino The Player Has No Access. IF You Dare To Hack The Sites, You Will Definitely Win A Ticket To Jail For A Long Time.

Slots Can Not Really Be Convinced Even With Strategies. Well, Sometimes Martingale Comes Into Play. The Famous Roulette Strategy, Can Be Applied in The Slot Machine. YOU START WITH A FEW CENTS AND INCREASE YOUR BET ROUND BY ROUND. The Chances of Winning Money Do Not Get Better, But You Have The Machine Under Better Control For Yourself And This Is Positive. A positive attitude is again good for gambling.

Some claim that the game can be manipulated with the power of thought. Well, thoughts are free, whether you can shape your luck or not is up to you. Of course it is fun to experiment a little with your thoughts. One thing should be said, it is not that simple. Most players are afraid of losing, and fear reduces luck. It's like that almost everywhere in life. The fear blocks the desires. Practice mindfulness. No harm in any case, if not in the casino, it will definitely bring you something in life.

Why is Mega Moolah so popular with US players??

Our Mega Moolah experience is very good and we think that Mega Moolah USA is perfect for us US people. Here we can finally play Mega Moolah seriously and with full confidence. Really, Mega Moolah is serious? We Are ASKED This Question Again And Again And WE CAN Confirm Once Again That We Have Had Only Good Experiences With The Mega Moolah Game. The slot Mega Moolah with its progressive jackpot is rightly one of the most popular games on the Internet, which is why it gets a good rating everywhere.

There are numerous jackpots on the World Wide Web, so why should you play Mega Moolah of all games?. If you ask around, most claim that because you have the most chances to win on Mega Moolah. In addition, the small stakes were paid for. After all, you can win several million euros even with a small round stake. This is the special thing about a progressive jackpot.

Since there have been several winners in the past, this pushes again. Microgaming makes a lot of publicity with its slot and hardly hides when someone has hit the jackpot again. Trying out is worthwhile in any case. Although we do not know when the next jackpot will be played out. But he who does not dare does not win. The best way is to sign up at the nearest US casino and try it out. Deposit Real Money and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Be Sure That Mega Moolah Is Fair And Needs Manipulated By The Manufacturer?

Mega Moolah Is A Product Of Microgaming, Arguably The Oldest, Most Experienced and Most Reputable Online Gambling Company in The World. It Is Even Said That Microgaming Invented The First Online Casino And The First Progressive Jackpot. Furthermore, The Software Developer Has of Course All Gambling Licenses and So on Ecogra Certificate, so it is independentLy Controlled. It does not get any safer than this.

How to Trigger The Free Spins Round?

The Free Spins Round is Triggered Whhen at Least 3 Scatters Symbols Appear on the Reels at the Same Time. Remember: The Scatter icon is the monkey.

And how to trigger The Jackpot Wheel?

This is quiet a mystery to this day, confirm it Seems like the jackpot wheel is triggered by pure chance. In Response to This Question, The Manufacturer Microgaming Has Only Announced That a Higher Bet Makes The Appearance of the Lucrative Bonus Wheel More Likely.

How high is the RTP of Mega Moolah??

The RTP of Mega Moolah is 88.12%. This is really low when you compare the slot with other slot machines, but at the same time it is also normal for progressive jackpot slots to have lower odds of winning - after all, there are much, much higher amounts at stake.

Why you can not play Mega Moolah for free?

This is again something typical for progressive jackpot slots: there is no demo mode. It makes sense, because in demo mode the jackpot can't be fed. Every now and then, however, you see Mega Moolah fakes, which you can then also play for free in demo mode.

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