Visa credit cards soft from the German online casinos

Does not work anymore

Since this month, there has been banned some online casinos to offer Visa credit cards as a payment method for deposits and payouts when customers come from Germany. This makes Visa the same destiny, which PAYPAL has already expelled from the online casinos. Only PayPal, the most popular online payment method, and now Visa credit cards, which are also widely used in the Federal Republic. What's going on here?

Germany fights with the legal gray zone - what's going on?

In Germany this year is quite something going on when it comes to the laws in terms of online casinos. Only a few months ago was announced that from July 2021 it should give its own German gambling authority, through which online casinos then even very officially legalized but only those providers who are really one German license own! And the Erlangen of this license will be associated with very strict conditions, which will cause loud protest cries in both players and suppliers, such as the national valid Monthly deposit limit of 1000 euros. You can calculate on two fingers that that will not go well, and more German than ever to turn to the black market.

"The payment service providers must finally deserve their statutory obligation and prevent payments related to unauthorized gambling."

From behind through the cold kitchen

And now, early May 2020, another bauble is coming for the German online player community. That Lower Saxony Ministry of Home and Sport, which in terms of online gambling as a headquarters for the whole federal territory, has spoken a powerful word and it prohibited the popular credit card payment service provider Visa, to carry out payments in and from illegal online casinos. With this measure, the authorities are trying, to hold German citizens from this, Play illegally in online casinos. Since the online gaming providers are sitting abroad, they are difficult to get to them, and therefore the detour is taken over the payment service providers. PayPal has already met it, now VISA - the legitimate question arises as to whether it will not be Meet further payment methods? There is reason to assume that this will be very important, because on the website of the Lower Saxony Ministry it was already announced. It is said there "The payment service providers must finally deserve their statutory obligation and prevent payments associated with unauthorized gambling."

Legal obligation and Illegal online casinos? At this point, it is important to respond to a few obvious questions.

Are online casinos in Germany illegal?

Basically yes - and for so long, until in July 2021 the neure regulation of the old gambling State Treaty comes into force. As long as this old contract is still valid, it is for online casinos (with a few exceptions for a special regulation of Schleswig-Holstein) forbidden to offer their games German citizens. However, there are two small queries:

1. All online casinos have their Seat abroad, not in Germany. For this reason, the German authorities do not come to these providers. So this is just in times of the internet!

2. These online casinos do not just sit somewhere abroad, but in other EU countries, mostly in Malta. For this reason, they call on one of the fundamental freedoms of the European Union, which Freedom of services. A service provider based in an EU Member State may also offer its service in any other EU country in accordance with this right.

For these reasons, the question mentioned above is whether online casinos in Germany are illegal, not so easy to answer. German law collides with EU law and it is not clarified until today, which ultimately applies. Therefore, online gambling in Germany is at least Until the neure regulation next year stay a gray zone.

Good or bad?

Card broken

What do these recent developments now mean for the players community? Fortunately, USA and Austrians do not change anything - here you can continue with VISA credit card deposits and pay off payments. Even for the Germans, the new ban is not as bad, because the fewest players have used Visa credit cards to handle their payments with the online casinos. Accordingly, the number of players affected is quite low and of course countless other payment service providers to which one can dodge.

Disturbing is actually just that the Visa ban in Germany Rebinger for other such developments could be. In Germany, it is expected that other credit cards and maybe even the popular e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller a similar State prohibition on to get - and then the German Player community will feel painful. Other countries, including Austria and the US, could then feel inspired to similar steps. If these Enforcement measures on detours However, in the end, however, something to contribute to players to play a thing about it.