Mobile Gaming: Web Apps Dominate?

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Behind The Term Mobile Gaming Already Hides A Large Part Of The Present And Probably The Lion's Share Of The Future. Some Even Claim That Mobile Gaming Would Be The Future for Gaming And Thus For Online Casinos. Just a Few Years Ago, However, Apps for Downloading Were Almost Considered at EXTRA. Today It Is for Online casinos AS Good As Mandatory to Allow Players to Gamble On The Go, and more and more often, SO-Called Web Apps Are Used For This Purpose, Which Make A Download Unnecessary. But what's it all about, and what are the pros and cons?

Apps And World Domination

The Technology That Surrounds US Every Day, Has in Recent Decades Absolutely BreathTaking Progress And Thus Changed Our Tie Daily Lives - All Over The World, The Number of Apps Has. It's Been Just 20 Years Since WE First Heard The Word "Smartphone" - Today, We Can Not Imagine Our Lives Without Them.

The First Cell Phones Of This Type From Nokia And Siemens Already Had Simple Applications Preinstalled, Search as a Calendar. In 2007 The First Iphone What Released and In The Following Years The Number of Smartphone Users Increased Rapidly. Parallel to this The Number of Apps Increased Rapidly. Today There Are About Two And A Half Million Apps in The Google Play Store Alone!

"Feer and Fairer Online Casinos Offer Thesis Apps, Which You Have To Download! Instead of Thesis "Native" Apps, Players Are Presented With So-Called Web Apps... "

A permanent trend: gaming to-go!

Online Casino Fans Won't Be Surprised IF WE PROCLAIM THAT ALL CHILDS OF Gaming Apps Almost a Quarter of All Apps Out there from make. It's Obvious: People Are Just Totally Into Entertainment To-Go. Therfore, No Online Casino Can Survive in This Competitive Industry Without Offering Excellent Mobile Gaming Options. Years Ago, It What Fore Already CommonPlace That the Top Online Casinos Providing Their Own Apps for Downloading - for both iPhone and Android Users.

For Some Time, However, A Trend Can Be Observed: Feer and Fairer Online Casinos Are Offering Thesis Apps, Which Have To Be Downloaded! Instead of Thesis "Native" Apps, Players Are Presented With So-Called Web Apps, Whether So Work Completely Without Download, And That With Any Operating System. But What Exactly Are The Differences Between A Native App And A Web App?? Surely There Are so disadvantages?

On the road

Native app vs. Web app

BECAUSE ARE ARE MANY APPS AND EVEN MORE APP USERS, THE COMMUNITY OF APP SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS IS SO HUGE AND THERE IS OFTEN SPOKEN IN ON IT JARGON, with Which Otto Normal Citizen Can No Longer Keep Up. THEREFORE WE HAVE Short, Sweet and in Plain Language Summarized What The Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Theses Two App Type Are.

Native app:

  • Are Written in The Same Programming Language AS The Resuperciving Operating System - I.e. Apple Language, Android Language, Windows Language - and Are TheFore Only Compatible With This OS
  • Are Relately Expensive For The Online Casinos for This Reason - BECAUSE The Apps Have to Be Written in At Least Two Different Programming Languages
  • Must Be Download and Need Storage Space and Updates for IT
  • You Will Have Direct Access to All Hardware Functions of the Phone, Search as Camera, GPS, Microphone, etc.
  • Can Adapt Perfectly to the ResUrctive Device, Which Usually Ensures Perfect Usability / UX (User Experience)
  • There is Relately Little Data Transfer (You do Not Use Too Much Mobile Data), IE Work Offline
  • Can Be Rated by Other Users in The App Store / Play Store, so you can get an idea of the quality of the app from the start

Web app:

  • Are written in a standard programming language and have some sort of "translator" programmed into them, making them compatible with any operating system
  • Do not need to be downloaded, as it is basically "just" a mobile optimized version of the desktop website
  • Require Only A Minimum Amount of Memory and No Updates
  • Data Transfer Takes Place Comuphely Via The Browser of the Smartphone, Therfore Quite High Data Consumption And Problems With Poor Internet Connection
  • CAN Usually Not Access All Hardware Functions of the Cell Phone
  • No Need To Visit The Store - And That's Especially Good For Online Casino Apps, Bcause The Google Play Store, For Example, Has Restrictions On Real Money Gambling Apps That You Can "Avoid" by Using Web Apps

In Addition to Thesis Two Types of App, There Are SO-Called Native Apps Hybrid apps , Which, as the name Suggestes, Are a Middle Ground Between Native App and Web App. Since App Software Developers Are At Industrious Lot And The Demand for Optimization Is Only Increasing, We Can Expect Other, Better Types of Apps to Be Invented in The Future.

And What Else Does The Future Hold?

The Future Looks Hot For The Gaming Industry in General, And This Is Especially True for Mobile Gaming. At This Point, We Only Need To Throw A Small Keyword in the Room: G5. With this New Internet Technology IT IS POSSIBLE TO Transfer Much Larger Amounts of Data Than Before In Much Less Time. Especially for Games With Elaborate Graphics, Where Fast Loading Times Are Important, The significantly. AS G5 Spreads Around The World, Games And App Developers Are Already Hard At Work Exploiting Its New Potential to Make Even Better Mobile Gaming Experiences Possible.

And Then There is VR - Virtual Reality. This revolutionary way of gaming is so waiting in The Wings Thanks to G5, Just Waiting to Be Improved and Realized for the Masses of Gamers - Including Those Who Are Just on the Go!